How long does the soap last?  We've found that our soaps when used in the shower last 3-4 weeks per person.  The soaps used for faces, such as the detox (with or without the loofah) will last around a month with daily use.  Obviously, each soap will last different amounts of time for each person based on how often you bathe or use it, if you store it properly (loofah side down and/or out of a pool of water), water hardness, how many people use it, etc. 

Will the loofah hurt?  If you have not exfoliated in a very long time or have extremely dry skin... the loofah may feel too rough at first, even with the softest of loofah.  Use the soap to scrub the bottom of your feet or hands for the first few uses, then once the loofah has softened a bit, begin lightly rubbing over sensitive areas, increasing pressure each time you use  it at a comfortable rate.   Once you have loosened and released built up layers of dead skin, using loofah will no longer be painful and your skin will be much healthier!  Scrubbing away dead skin layers increases cell regeneration and circulation which may feel a little tingly, this is normal.

Do you have a store?  We do not have plans to open a retail store but we will attend local markets and shows once in a while.  If you are local you can order online and choose local pick-up at checkout and for just $2 we will bring your order to Endless Summer Tans in Covington to be picked up.  You will receive an email letting you know it has "shipped" and after that you are free to stop in and pick up at your convenience.  

Does it lather?  YES! Our soaps lather perfectly with a creamy, silky lather.

What if I have sensitive skin?  We have found that our soaps are tolerated well with people who have even the most sensitive of skin.  This is because a lot of times, the things our skin is reacting negatively to is an ingredient in the soap or product that is irritating and inflammatory - such as parabens, sulfates, preservatives, phthalates and even colorants.  Our baby soap formula isn't just for babies!!  Made with shea butter, lavender essential oil and raw honey - all soothing to sensitive skin. Another popular option is the Detox soap which contains activated charcoal, tea tree oil and shea butter.

Can I use it on my face?  Our Detox and Baby soaps are perfect for faces!  Once the loofah is soft enough, they are great to exfoliate your face with but with each soap, just check the box to get it without the loofah if you prefer not to have one.

Why are your loofahs different?  We grow and harvest the loofah specifically for soft fibers, so they're picked at the ideal time for a softer fruit.  They are then aged, soaked (in our own natural soak) and sun-dried before making their way into your soap.  The texture is very different of that you may have found in loofah soaps before.

Can you teach me how to make soap or sell supplies to make my own?   Yes!  We are currently working on a video series of tutorials as well as a section of the store where you will be able to purchase the ingredients necessary to make your own soaps, loofahs and all!  You can sign up to be notified when this is ready by using the Contact Us form and let us know to add your name to the list :)

Can I order Wholesale?  Yes! Please send us a Wholesale request using our contact form.  We will collect the necessary information and open your wholesale account.  After that, when you log in to the site you will be able to see special pricing and order right here.

Do your soaps have lye?   In our ingredient list you will see "sodium hydroxide" and at the end you will see a small note *not present in finished product.  There is no lye or sodium hydroxide in your bar of soap, it is simply used in the beginning process of creating soap. A reaction occurs, called saponification, between the fats (oils) and the lye (sodium hydroxide) where the molecules combine and chemically change into glycerin and soap.  Sodium hydroxide is Lye and lye is used to make soap, all SOAP.  If your soap was not made with fats and lye, it is a detergent and not a soap.  Instead of educating consumers, some soap companies try to simply "re-name" the lye to avoid any issues in case a particular customer doesn't understand the ingredients and how they work (that lye is used to make ALL SOAP and is no longer present in any soap bar - AT ALL).  If you see any of these names in an ingredient list for your soap, they're all Lye:  saponified oils, sodium palmate, sodium cocoate, sodium tallowate, sodium olivate, sodium palm kernelate and others. 

Please use our Contact Us form to send any questions you may have! 

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