Merry Christmas Green Loofah Soap

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Gorgeous green soap with a gold Merry Christmas message and poinsettia.  These soaps not only look beautiful but the smell will put you into a happy, holiday spirit!  A custom creation blending orange blossoms with pine, mistletoe and a hint of ivy.  These "embeds" or messages and pictures inside will last the lifetime of the soap so don't be afraid to use it!!  The soap will wear down in such a way that leaves the best part to be used last so that you get to enjoy it for the longest possible time!!   

Each soap is poured over a soft, aged loofah sponge, great for dirty hands, after cooking or whole body exfoliation.  These soaps are perfect for use at kitchen sinks, guest baths and as always, in shower to scrub away unwanted skin layers.   

These are such an awesome gift!  Giving something unique while customized and knowing it will get used and enjoyed is the ultimate satisfaction!!  Don't forget, shipping is always free over $50! 

To create your own, completely custom soap from scratch click HERE!

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