Money Back Guarantee

Yes, that's right!  We are so sure you will love our soaps and the results you will get from using them that we stand fully behind our product!  As with any major change in our bodies, sometimes this takes a little time (although most people can tell a huge difference immediately), so we ask that you use the soap bar completely up, giving your skin time to heal and adjust to a better formula and (if using a loofah soap) to experience regular exfoliation (so amazing!).

Another important note if using a loofah soap:  If you have not exfoliated in a very long time or have extremely dry skin... the loofah may feel too rough at first, even with the softest of loofah.  Use the soap to scrub the bottom of your feet or hands for the first few uses, then once the loofah has softened a bit, begin lightly rubbing over sensitive areas, increasing pressure each time you use  it at a comfortable rate.   Once you have loosened and released built up layers of dead skin, using loofah will no longer be painful and your skin will be much healthier!  Scrubbing away dead skin layers increases cell regeneration and circulation which may feel a little tingly, this is normal.  

As with all things, do not do anything that causes pain, and if irritation or discomfort occurs, discontinue use. 


Here's how the guarantee works:  Use a soap (any soap) until it's gone!  If you are not completely satisfied just follow the steps below and we will issue a complete refund.

1.) Send us an email using the contact us form and explain the situation (which product you bought and why you are not satisfied).

2.) We will then request you email us a copy of your receipt (if purchase was made outside of the website)

3.) Your refund will be sent within 7-10 business days

**Refunds only valid for a single soap purchase and after the bar is completely used up**

**Refunds must be requested within 60 days of purchase**


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