Soap Happy Family

$5.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
Be sure to check out the Kids Add On if you need additional kids soaps

Happy Family Soapscription Plan: 

* 4 loofah (or get them without loofah) soaps of your choice* delivered to your door each month with shipping capped at $5 (we cover the rest)

* Get surprise product samples each and every month! 

* Participate in our product tester program - receive half or full size new products to try

* 15% off ALL website purchases for the duration of membership

* FREE gift basket sent to you on your birthday*

* Rewards Program Membership 


Other details:

*You may choose which 4 soaps you will get or choose to be surprised.  By choosing to be surprised you will get holiday and other fun themed soaps incorporated into your plan as they come up.  You will also get limited time and seasonal soaps that are no available on the website.  You can change your choices at any time by sending us a message. If your order has already shipped we will apply the changes to the following  month.  

Our rewards program includes will automatically add and track your spending points - just sign up and start earning!

Our product tester program - We will sometimes send out full or half sized products to be used within your family and collect your feedback, you may opt-out of this if you would not like to try new products before they hit the market.  

*Our birthday basket will be sent out to anyone who emails us their birthday anytime during or after signing up for your subscription.  As long as the subscription is active and at least 6 months old, you will receive a basket full of goodies valued at $100

Refer friends for free months - ask for details


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