Wedding Cake RING Inside Bath Bomb

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Scented like true, sweet wedding cake and colored with a beautiful shimmery dust and topped with pink glitter, this bath bomb will look gorgeous as it fizzes up, releasing the silk fibers harvested from real silk worms (to soften and regenerate), pro vitamin B5 (to renew and nourish), coconut milk (to moisturize and heal), bentonite clay (with detoxing properties) and baking soda with it's many cleansing and softening abilities. This bath bomb will leave your skin feeling soft and supple after your soak!

There will be an engagement style or cocktail ring inside of each bath bomb, valued anywhere from $10 to $100 ;) Collect as many as you like! Be sure to post your treasure on social media and tag us!!

To use: Simply drop into your bath water and soak! Remove rind from plastic container. Repeat as needed for relaxation and soft skin. Use in a clean tub and rinse or wipe down after use.

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